Redundancy forces reluctant rehome of Beamish, 22 yr old TB, same home for 13 years.

Redundancy forces reluctant rehome of Beamish, 22 yr old TB, same home for 13 years.

Beamish“I want to thank you so much for all the hard work you put in to find Beamish a home.
Beamish is incredibly happy in his new home and he has a new lease of life. Sarah and I keep in contact regularly and the brilliant thing is he’s only about 40 miles away and I can visit when I want.
He’s being spoilt rotten, being ridden again and gets to go out in the field regularly, and he’s happy. What more could any owner want?
I was absolutely devastated when he loaded into the horse box, I always said I would have him for life, but now I know he’s happy and settled everything is now a lot easier, knowing that he’s not far away and that we keep in regular contact helps so much more.
I really can’t thank you all enough for what you have done. And Rebecca, you are fantastic, you put up with the tears from me, you listened to everything I said and you knew there was a home out there for Beamish somewhere, your perseverance and positivity was astounding, so a massive thank you.  I can’t thank you enough
Kind regards and best wishes to all at Horses4Homes.”  Nikki
Nikki approached Horses4Homes back in August 2013, Beamish was a gentleman, owned by Nikki for some 13 years but sadly Nikki became redundant, like so many horse owners in the recession she had to face rehoming him, something she never wanted to do at all but circumstances were such that she could not pay her livery bill with no salary coming in.  Beamish although a gentleman was 22 years old and is a thoroughbred so not a cheap horse to keep and he had a few health issues which Nikki honestly described in her listing which worked against him in terms of being popular.  The very day rebecca called Nikki to tell her she had a super application for Beamish Nikki had said she was seriously considering having him put to sleep in the New Year as she really couldn’t continue so the relief that a serious applicant had been found was amazing.  Beamish went to his new home at Christmas time.  Nikki stays in contact and is still looking for a new job which hopefully will come in the New Year.  We wish Nikki, Beamish and his new loanee Sarah all the best for the future.



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