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What is Horses4Homes

Horses4Homes is the only registered equine charity in the UK that vastly reduces the risks associated with rehoming, loaning and sharing by providing a state of the art online listing and application process.  The charity’s dedicated staff provide support and guidance to all matters relating to responsible rehoming, loaning and sharing.

  • The charity helped to rehome, loan and share 241 horses in 2015
  • It’s site receives over 50,000 visitors each month
  • It receives around 100 applications for horses every month
  • It receives around 70 horse listings each month

Anyone who rehomes, loans or shares through the charity is asked to complete our survey and here are the responses for 2014 so far:

  • Would you use the charity again to apply/list a horse for rehoming ? – 100% Yes
  • Would you recommend the charity to family and friends ? – 100% Yes
  • Do you think the charity’s system and support reduces the risks associated with rehoming ? 98% Yes
  • Do you think the £10 application fee helps to prevent time wasters from applying for horses ? 95% Yes