The resources shown here have kindly been made available by members of the National Equine Welfare Council. Hauctions encourages all persons to read the information below which is relevant to their situation.

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    Buying and owning your first horse

    Owning your first horse is a very exciting prospect. It is ultimately what every rider aspires to. Visualise those lazy summer hacks down country lanes; competing at your local show; that first place rosette!!!

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    The Cost of Keeping a Horse or Pony

    Choosing a horse or pony requires careful consideration. The horse’s age, height, temperament, experience and suitability for the rider/owner should all be considered. Do not be tempted to buy a horse purely because it is cheap.

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    Responsible Re-homing

    Equine charities receive a large number of calls every month from horse owners seeking alternative homes for their animals. There are over one million horses and donkeys in the UK and the charitable sector has limited space available and must prioritise welfare...

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    Cutting cost without compromising on welfare

    It is worth thinking about the re-homing potential of any horse before you take on ownership so that you are prepared for the future. Prior to purchase, it is essential to ensure that you are aware of any existing or likely issues you may have to deal with...

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    Horsewatch Alliance Advice on Loaning

    Before you loan your horse to a complete stranger, or even someone you thought you knew really well, there are a few sensible precautions you should take. These can ensure that everything is clear and understood between the parties involved ...