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Rehoming, Loaning and Sharing Horses Safely is an Absolute Priority

The charity Horses4Homes needs your support to continue. WithoutLarge image the generosity of the public it would not be able to provide its service to horse owners struggling to continue to care for their horses.

Our horse owners love their horses dearly but for circumstances outside of their control they are unable to keep them.  Euthanasia must be a last resort. By providing our rehoming, loaning and sharing service we are giving these horses a decent, secure chance of finding a caring and ideally a “forever home”.

We must prevent horses from being rehomed “free to a good home” as this is fraught with risks where unsuitable, insufficiently financed, sometimes dishonest and law evading people may acquire them and not protect their future welfare. Without Horses4Homes this is where so many horses will end up and with our sanctuaries and rehoming centres full to capacity, there is really very little hope for so many horses.

The Horses4Homes team spend many hours everyday advising, counselling and supporting owners who do not wish to rehome, loan or share their horses but feel they have no choice.   Time is also spent trying to source the best applicant and home for that horse.  Euthanasia is only an option when no stone has been left unturned and when it is the kindest route for the horse due their health. Our team are dedicated to finding excellent homes for all the special horses in need of support and help.


Make a Donation Today

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Please make a donation to support our work, if you are able to make a standing order/recurring gift of just a few pounds each month it can make all the difference.




Organise a Sponsored Event

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If you are planning an event, a tack sale perhaps,  taking part in a competition, a run, swim or pleasure ride why not choose Horses4Homes as your nominated charity.  We can help you to set up a just giving page to enable people to sponsor you for our good cause.  We will then promote your good deed to all our followers and via our social media outlets to thank you for your kind efforts.



Leave a Gift in Your Will

If you wish to leave a legacy to Horses4Homes please contact us so that we can advise you on how best this can be done.  You will need our charity number, registered address and mission statement. Legacies are the life blood of any charitable organisation, they secure its longevity and enable it to further achieve its objectives.  Without legacy support charities can struggle to continue to make a true sustained impact on their objectives.



How We Can Help You

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What will you do if you die unexpectedly through ill health or a fatal accident and you own horses.  Do you have anyone who will care for your horse or responsibly rehome your horse if you are not around.  You may want to consider leaving Horses4Homes a legacy and clear instructions to the Executors of your Will to rehome your horse through Horses4Homes should anything untoward ever happen to you.  We will safely rehome your horse for you, ensuring every effort is made to find your horse that perfect new home.  We will even provide your family with regular updates on the progress of that rehome.  Providing them with peace of mind and happiness knowing you would have been pleased to know your horse is safe, secure and loved.