Tess finds "A better home than I could have provided myself"

Tess finds "A better home than I could have provided myself"

The owner of Tess had been trying to rehome her through local advertising in the Spring with no success. The only enquiries she got were from people who had not seriously thought about taking on Tess long term, “They just wanted a cheap pony for their children” she told Rebecca, the Rehoming Manager for Horses4Homes. A family friend recommended that she try Horses4Homes the new not for profit organisation, established to help people find the right homes for their ponies so she did.
Within 2 weeks she had received a super application from an experienced couple based not too far away. They had offered Tess a “home for life“. She would be used as a field companion predominantly and a pony for their grandchildren to sit on when they come to visit. The couple have over 35 years experience riding and owning horses with the wife riding at Newmarket in flat races on a regular basis. Tess’s owner Marion, after reviewing their application for Tess, went to visit the potential new home to assess its suitablity for Tess and get to know the applicants a bit more before she would make her decision. “It was a better home than I could have provided myself” said Marion, her owner, with the applicants having greater experience and funds than herself to secure Tess’s future welfare.
It is difficult for any new owner to confidently say they can offer “a home for life” but these new owners of Tess have assured Marion through Horses4Homes that should their circumstances change in the future, which they doubt, they will offer Tess back to her and if she is unable to take her back she will be re-listed with Horses4Homes but they are as confident as anyone can be, that this will not be necessary.


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