"I found the whole re-homing process very smooth, and a lot less stressful than trying to sell a horse"

"I found the whole re-homing process very smooth, and a lot less stressful than trying to sell a horse"

Milly‘s owner, Rose Walker, speaks of her experience using Horses4Homes to help rehome her Hanoverian mare Milly:
I saw a report in Horse Magazine about Horses4Homes and about Carl Hester‘s involvement. We had been trying to sell my beautiful Hanoverian mare Milly for some time. However, she could be tricky as she became easily stressed, needed to be stabled all year round, and was only a VERY experienced ride.

I would not lie to prospective purchasers about her behaviour, and therefore many people were put off.
I was reassured by the vetting processs for prospective re-homers, as we didn’t want Milly to fall into inexperienced hands, so I went ahead and added Milly’s details to the website. The process was quite straightforward, with lots of details required to find the best match for the horse. Within days I had two people who had applied to re-home Milly, and Rebecca called me at this point and talked me through the next stages, and advised on the person who in her opinion, based on the information supplied, would be most suitable to take Milly. After a number of phone calls, including ones to check references, Crystal arrived with her lorry at my yard to pick up Milly.
I found the whole re-homing process very smooth, and a lot less stressful than trying to sell a horse! I have confidence that Milly is now in an experienced, caring home, where I have been assured she will be for life. Result! Happy Milly, happy me!

Milly‘s new owner Crystal Baulkwell had this to say about her experience of using Horses4Homes and her joy of finding Milly.
My thoughts on Horses4Homes are one of being positive and very helpful. When I received the email about Milly my first thoughts were what a lovely little horse and I did not hesitate to contact her owner on the website. Living a long way from Milly I decided after taking advice from Rebecca, the Rehoming Manager, to email Milly’s owner to discuss some of her problems after which I decided that I would like to take her on.
Horses4Homes is a great way to re-home horses or ponies it takes all the hassle out of drawing up agreements etc.
Today Milly is settled and working well. She is a delight to have around and gets on very well with all my other horses (I have been giving her a lot of TLC) but she is a delight and happy to learn.
I would like to thank Milly’s owner for placing her on Horses4Homes and to reassure her Milly has a home for life as all my horse do with me. I have already recommended Horses4Homes to several people and I am delighted to provide this statement to Horses4Homes about my experience using the site

Alternatively, if you have a horse in the UK or Republic of Ireland that needs to find a new home please follow the steps to Rehome a Horse. It is entirely free to list any horse with Horses4Homes. Unlike any other site, all potential new owners & loanees have to apply for your horse and demonstrate they have the commitment, experience and resources to give your horse a suitable, long term home.


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