marcus Marcus And Fluffys’ owner, Jo Ann,“I thoroughly recommend using Horses4Homes if you need to re-home a horse.The website is excellent, the process is comprehensive but simple and the staff are tremendously helpful. Your ‘advertisement’ reaches a wide audience and the safeguarding steps in the process ensure that you can select the best possible home for your horse. And don’t worry if you’re not computer literate: Rebecca and her team will do all the work for you if you need help listing your horse.

Thank heavens for Horses4Homes: They turned a sad occasion into a fantastic experience and I found the best imaginable new home for my horse.”


Harry’s Previous Owner, Stephanie
“After coming to the heartbreaking realisation that I would have to part with Harry as neither of us would be able to continue on the same path, when I came across Horses4Homes it has become my life line for rehoming Harry.  Rebecca and her team have been fabulous in helping us to find that perfect person for Harry with all his quirks! The website is fabulous, and clearly allows any applicant to get a full story on a horse. I wish every aspect of horses was as honest and efficient as Horses4Homes!”
Jet’s Previous Owner, Laura
“Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Rebecca and her team for helping us find the perfect home for Jet. Their assistance made a very difficult time in our lives that little bit easier. Jet has been in her new home for just 5 days and she has defiantly landed on her hooves. We are in regular contact and hope to visit her soon. I would highly recommend Horses4homes to anyone looking to rehome their horse. Fantastic organisation!!!
Dottie’s Previous Owner, Annie
“I would thoroughly recommend Horses4Homes to anyone who is anxious about the whole rehoming process. We had previously advertised Dottie but became disillusioned with the homes on offer. Shortly after having placed her on on this website we were really pleased with the interest shown in her from prospective owners. Rebecca was always on hand to talk through the applications and Dottie left us for her new home at the weekend. We are in no doubt that she will be loved and cared for and, even better for us, she is staying locally. The new owners are happy to keep in touch and we are already planning an Easter hack.
Thanks to Horses4Homes for all your support.”
Otto’s Previous Owner“Due to a separation I was unfortunately in a position where I had to rehome one of our horses, Otto. He was a lovely character and a very well schooled, and capable horse, but had some issues with travelling and hacking out alone. I was directed towards Horses4Homes by a friend.
Otto was listed on Horses4Homes on 8th February via an easy to follow procedure. I could not believe that on that very same day I received 3 full applications as well as numerous questions from other interested people who had viewed him on the site. The detail that Horses4Homes asks people to supply on the application form really enables you to start making an informed decision about who you would like to come and view your horse. It really cuts out time wasters and the non-genuine people. The staff at Horses4Homes are also really helpful if you have any questions or just need a friend to chat to during what can be a distressing and emotional time! Otto received a further 9 applications out of which I invited 5 people to view. All of the people who viewed were lovely and genuine. After meeting them and then re-reading their applications I was able to narrow the field down and eventually pick out Otto’s new owner.
 Otto small “He is now living with a lovely new mum, who is completely smitten with him, and they get on really well. We are even staying in touch, and she sends me regular updates about his progress! Horses4Homes were fantastic during a really stressful time for me, and enabled me to swiftly find a great home for Otto, with the confidence that I was making the right decision for him. The whole rehoming process took 4 weeks, which was so much quicker than I was expecting. I cannot thank them enough and would thoroughly recommend them to anyone having to consider rehoming their equine friend.Thanks once again!”
Hobbit’s New Owner“It has been almost a week since we got our new boy Hobbit. He has settled well into his new home and it is as if he has always been there. He has made some new friends and Erin has been out on him a couple of times. She says he is a complete star. I would recommend that people do not dismiss ex racers out of hand as we have found Hobbit to be very clever and biddable. He is a lovely boy and everyone at the yard comments on how lovely he is. There is a long way to go but I think he and Erin will enjoy learning together. Much of the work was already done by his previous owner Carolyn, who I cannot thank enough for letting us have this beautiful and cheeky boy! Thank you to Horses4Homes for making this process so easy as if it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t have Hobbit. I would recommend that anyone use your service and give a horse a new home. Keep up the good work Rebecca.”
Jack’s Previous Owner: “I just want to say thank you to Horses4Homes with the rehoming of Jack. Thank you to all the excellent applicants who took the time and money to express an interest in my boy also. The process for me was thorough and allowed for me to make very informed decisions.
I had tried to sell and loan Jack previously but novice and inexperienced riders put themselves forward resulting in my becoming very disillusioned and my beloved horse becoming frustrated. I am very happy with Jack’s new home/owner and feel very reassured that the decision was made on full information sharing. Thank you Rebecca”Jack’s New Owner: 

‘We are thrilled to be taking Jack into our family. As I said to his owner it will be an honour and I’m sure Jack will provide all the pleasure’. The process of being an ‘Applicant’ has at times felt like applying for a job….. and you are doing just that, applying for a very important roll of protector and provider of someones treasured horse. Horses 4 Homes has enables owners and applicants to find one another, which can then deliver to the owner the ultimate and un-compromised choice of new home for their horse’

Sidney’s Owner: I can not recommend horses4homes enough. Rebecca and her team were there every step of the way and maintained regular contact with me so i felt very supported. As i am moving to Australia i needed to know that Sidney was going to be in a home where i didn’t need to worry and know that he would be looked after and with the help of Horses4Homes i know that i have found the right place. The thoroughness of the application and the personal touch from Rebecca means that i can start my new life without the worry and the aftercare also keeps my mind at ease. If you have a horse that you love very much and need a good home then look no further than Rebecca and her team. Thank you
Laddie’s Owner:“I have found Horses4Homes to be an extremely worthwhile website which has been set-up with one goal in mind – to safely rehome horses and ponies who can no longer be cared for by their current owners. Owners aren’t judged – it’s the horses welfare which is paramount. I would urge anyone wanting to rehome their horse to contact Horses4Homes in the first instance. I thought there would be little hope of rehoming my 25 year old gelding Laddie, but was both surprised and encouraged to find that I had 4 applications within a couple of days, all from suitable people wanting to offer him a home for life. A welfare check of the prospective home is also all part of the service if required and donations made are ploughed back into the service and ultimately for the welfare of the horses.“”Brilliant service and thank you so much!
Billy’s Owner:“The best thing I have done this year is to take Billy to Claire. Whatever I say will not sum up just how pleased I am… whatever happens he will have had the very best chance. It is the best of setups, she is remarkable and you have made this possible. Thank you.”  To read Billy’s full rehoming story click here .
Villy’s Owner: The information gathering process is reassuringly meticulous and the follow up from Rebecca and her assistants was excellent.” “I am so very grateful for the wonderful service you provide. I found horses4homes website by accident; I am so pleased I did, it has found for my best friend Villy, a new home that I am so delighted with.I was desperate to find Villy the right home. She was too good to be left idle but too vulnerable to go to a home that would demand too much. We found the perfect match with Sue and her family. They are empathetic, sensitive and very knowledgeable and a credit to the information gathering system that horses4homes employs.“To read Villy’s full rehoming story please click here .
Rockstar’s Owner, Sarah:”After only two weeks on the Horses4homes site my precious horse has left to start his life in a wonderful new home in England. I truly believe that without this site I would be looking for a home for him forever because I just wouldn’t want to embark on it. To loan out your pride and joy is not easy but Rebecca’s site gave me the confidence to do it. It’s a minefield finding the correct home but this took the scary bits out. The application form and donation is a genius idea. Its like a dating site as you can just “reject” unsuitables!!!!! . When I met Lisa I knew she and Rocky were the correct match. So that’s him away now. Although I’m left feeling so sad I am 110% happy with his new owner and I wish them a great time together forever.”“Thanks too Rebecca. I’m so glad I know about your brilliant and professional website. Love Sarah Harrison.
Kalibra’s Owner: Horses4Homes, and Rebecca in particular who manages the not for profit organisation, has been the answer to my prayers and they helped to find Kalibra the best home imaginable for a horse that really was a risk to rehome to just anyone.”His new owner, had this to say about using Horses4Homes, “I am thrilled to be granted the new owner of Kalibra, he has had an unfortunate past and I will give him all the time he needs to get back on track. I can’t thank Horses4Homes enough to be given this opportunity.”To read Kalibra’s full story please click here .
Gilbert’s Owner: Joanne, Gilbert’s owner was diagnosed with Epilepsy two years ago. As a result she is unable to drive so finding a suitable sharer was very important to her. “Horses4Homes is an excellent way to find a sharer and having a system that screens people saves me considerable time and gives me assurance that the people who I invite to trial my horse are serious candidates. Having a share agreement outlining who does what is also super to avoid confusion or possible disputes and better still it is entirely free to list my horse so I have nothing to lose.” Horses4Homes, managed to find Joanne a super sharer for Gilbert. She is experienced, lives locally and has been sharing Gilbert for over 6 months now. Their share agreement outlines when she can ride and what chores she needs to help with as well as any financial contribution. Both sharer and owner are very happy and it makes all the difference to Gilbert as he has another loving carer and rider in his life.
Boyce’s Owner: Thanks to Horses 4 Homes I have found my beloved horse a 5* home for life.” “Horses 4 Homes took the worry out of selling him as a vigorous application process was in place to ensure that only genuine and caring individuals applied for him.After advertising him for weeks without any success I found myself being able to select the most suitable home for him as Horses 4 Homes had generated so much interest in him and all within the space of a week! From my initial enquiry to rehoming my horse, Horses 4 Homes were professional yet very understanding and there was always a friendly voice on the end of the phone to discuss any concerns. I now have the peace of mind that my horse has a happy, healthy and secure future ahead of him and I can’t thank Horses 4 Homes enough.”To read Boyce’s full rehoming story please click here .
Tammy’s Owner:“We are so pleased to have found a forever home for our beloved horse Tamarisk through Horses4Homes. Rebecca has been absolutely fantastic at keeping us informed at all times and offering advice along the way. It is a wonderful organisation and a really brilliant idea! We give our heartfelt thanks to Rebecca for all her help which was much appreciated by both myself and my parents.”To read how Tammy is getting on in her new home click here .
Molly’s Owner:”Many thanks for your help re homing my horse Molly” “I was so comforted to know that you had my horse’s best interests at heart and understood my situation. It was great to have so much support, not only do you actively promote the horses on Horses4Homes by email but you also phoned to discuss any interested parties with me, before putting them in touch, you then phoned again to see how viewings went. The horse rehoming went smoothly and was seen through to the end. Also I didn’t have to waste time, with the inevitable time wasters you get when advertising horses on the internet.I will definitely be donating to your charity in the future. It is a great service for people who genuinely want to find a proper home for their equine friend.