"Thank you to Horses4Homes for making the application so quick and easy."

"Thank you to Horses4Homes for making the application so quick and easy."

brookeHorses really can make a difference to lives. Brook was listed with Horses 4Homes earlier in the summer. Tracey has now only had Brook a short time but in that time she has already made a huge impact on her life.
“Before I found Brook I was in a very dark place, I recently lost my beloved mum to cancer in July. Our whole family was heartbroken. We had Tia my 5 year old daughter’s pony at home, I really missed riding and wanted a horse I could ride and love as much as Tia and ride out with my daughter. I knew a horse for myself would be the therapy I needed for coming to terms with losing mum. That’s what my mum would have wanted. I decided the hunt was on in the beginning of August to find a suitable horse that would be good around children and hack out alone and in company. I started looking on the Horses4Homes website everyday looking for a suitable horse. I read about Brook and fell in love with her straight away!!!! Brook’s owner Jill was heartbroken having to part with her. We both clicked straight away as she is a lovely genuine person. I assured her Brook would have the perfect family home and would be one of the family. Brook certainly is!!! She’s settled in so well and is so gentle around my daughter. Finding Brook was what I believe to be fate! My daughter loves sitting on her and leading her to and from the field. I want to say a big thank you to Jill for allowing me to have Brook and thank you to Horses4Homes for making the application so quick and easy. Brook was home with us after a week of trying her and she’s here to stay for ever. I really wish mum could have seen Brook, she would have been so proud and would of loved her dearly. Brook is now my therapy and a dream to be around and ride. We have planted a tree in our field with mum’s ashes scattered so mum doesn’t miss out on anything.
Thanks again



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