The Perfect Match!

The Perfect Match!

Happy and relaxed schooling together.
Happy and relaxed schooling together.
“I was looking for a weight carrier and had been on the site several times, and one day I came across this gorgeous big bay mare, she is a Shire cross Thoroughbred, 17.2 hands and the page stated she could carry my weight, she wasn’t a novice ride and needed bringing on, at that time she was eight.
It turns out that she was just a bit too much for her owners at the time, who adored her, but the lady that rode her had emigrated and Diamond had not done any work for nine months and her owners, after a nasty fall, had lost their confidence. She is a big horse and was handful on the ground too. They felt that she was wasted as a big pet. They didn’t want to sell her to the wrong person in case she ended up getting sold on again and again.
As soon as I saw her I knew she was what I was looking for I couldn’t type a message to her owner fast enough, after a few messages, which gave both myself and her owner, a chance to share information. The opportunity to message the owner was a godsend, she was very candid about Diamond, so once agreed I might be suitable, I applied and a visit was arranged.  The owner felt that because I had owned very big horses in the past and was an experienced owner and rider that I might be the best candidate for Diamond.
I thought the process was fantastic, I knew that the owner had nothing to lose by being honest, and she vetted me, the yard, and felt we would be well, suited.  It turns out we are!  Not only did I get my horse I also gained a new friend, as the old owner keeps in touch and is hoping to come to our next dressage outing.
It’s not all been perfect, she is very green and can be really spooky on hacks, at first I did wonder if I had bitten off more than I could chew, it’s a long way down and we parted company a few times in the early days, but we stuck at! Our first Dressage, Intro A we got 69% I was so proud of her she was nervous but tried her best for me.
I can’t thank horses4homes enough for getting us together, Dee (as I call her now) is my pride and joy.
Best regards
Terry and Dee”


Cristi Robu

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