…to us she is "Dora the Adorable"

…to us she is "Dora the Adorable"

Dora“Just to say Dora has settled in very well.  She is rather a mud monster and loves a good roll.  We have had some lovely rides out with Blondie and Dora.  She enjoys riding out and takes everything in her stride.  She is exactly as Jasmin described her – thank you Jasmin – and we send her regular updates.
 At the weekend she had a good run round with Blondie (we put them in the end field whilst hay/straw were being delivered) and off they ran, leaping and playing – worrying me as Dora was getting rather close to the fence on each circuit but stopping at the last moment.  Then they both laid down next to each other and had a good roll – with Polly the donkey looking on. 
Really this was wonderful to see, as Blondie has not had anyone to run and play with (Polly a very good companion but being an elderly wonky donkey).
 I had to smile as Blondie glanced over to me and knew I was worrying about Dora not stopping.  Round and round Dora ran, with Blondie following.  After a while Blondie was looking at me and saying why are we still running; this is too much like hard work !!  
 A wonderful, gracious and gentle mare…… to us she is Dora the Adorable.” Cindy and Dave Babbington



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