Topaz finds a loving home as a companion.

Topaz finds a loving home as a companion.

I decided that I needed a companion for the companion horse, as he was getting too stressed as I was out competing more often this year.  I had got a list of ‘must haves’ and ‘must not haves’ as long as my arm for the ideal third horse.  Then I heard of  Horses4Homes were after a week or so I saw Topaz listed.  From the description, she sounded ideal; I applied and went to meet her, and her owner came up to see our yard.  Within a couple of weeks Topaz made the long journey up from Surrey and has fit into the herd like a hand into a glove.
I have found the perfect horse, and I know exactly what is wrong with her and why she is a companion only; her old owner has the reassurance that she will never be ridden again.  There is no way that Topaz, her owners and I would have connected had it not been for Horses4Homes, the process managed to be both easy and comprehensive at the same time.  Would definitely recommend, and thank you for inventing it!

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