URGENT – Companion Pony Amy needs a new home

URGENT – Companion Pony Amy needs a new home

Many people do a great service to vulnerable ponies by rescuing them and providing them with super loving homes for years to come.
Jennifer Dent, owner of Rusty and Wren rescued ponies for over 30 years before her own health deteriorated and she then had to make the difficult but necessary decision to attempt to find suitable loving homes for them or have her beloved ponies put to sleep. Much to her surprise she managed to rehome them both and had this to say about her experience of using Horses4Homes,
“Very grateful thanks to Rebecca and the Horses4Homes website. Throughout the whole difficult and emotional process of having to re-home my two much loved ponies, Rebecca offered kind and personal support as well as practical help and advice. I felt absolute confidence in her and the website, and would recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone who may be struggling to find the right home for their horses or ponies”.
Amy is a Dartmoor mare, based in Buckinghamshire, who had no future and would have been slaughtered or worse, simply forgotten, had it not been for her current owner who bravely stepped in and has been dedicated to providing her with a loving home for the past 10 years. Just a few weeks ago Amy’s owner suffered a heart attack and is now unable to continue caring for this pony, simply walking to the field to see her is a struggle so Amy’s life is again in the balance.
If you need a Companion Pony please consider applying for Amy on Horses4Homes, you would be securing her future and making a sick lady very happy in the knowledge that her beloved pony will be safe. Amy’s owners are requesting a voluntary donation of £125 be made to Horses4Homes as they do not wish for their pony to be free as that can present the wrong image. It is necessary for people to apply for Amy and to supply reference details as all horses rehomed via Horses4Homes are only done so if applicants can demonstrate that they have the resource, knowledge and commitment to provide the animals with the necessary love and care that they need and truly deserve. All new homes are also inspected and rehome agreements provided.
To view Amy’s details and apply for her please click here .
Images of her will be uploaded in the next few days.


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