Users Guide – Fees and Donations

Users Guide – Fees and Donations

Supporting Horses4Homes Work and Your Horses Future

Horses4Homes is a welfare charity and relies on the fees paid and donations given by those who use its services and support its work. This enables the charity to continue to prevent unnecessary suffering of horses and alleviate the worry for owners caused by the need to rehome, loan or share their horse.  Although the fees charged do not cover the charity’s running costs they are essential to make it possible to provide this service for you and/or your horse.  All donations are gratefully received, as without this generous support the charity would not be able to continue helping so many horses and people.
Fees for applicants and owners:

  • It is free to list a horse.
  • It is free to place an advert on the wanted page of the website.
  • £10 to be paid to view the horse’s full details and owner contact information, whether rehome, loan or share.
  • £50 to be paid by an applicant when a rehome or loan arrangement is successfully agreed.
  • There is no fee to pay by the applicant sharer when a share arrangement is successfully agreed.
  • Applicants may be requested to make an additional donation for rehomed, loaned or shared horses, which is set by the horse’s owner and detailed on the horse’s profile page.
  • £25 to be paid by owners when a share arrangement is successfully agreed.
  • £40 is to be paid if a horse owner required Horses4Homes to undertake a home check on their behalf.
  • Horses4Homes is grateful to any owner who is able to provide an additional donation to help with the process of rehoming, loaning or sharing.


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