Using Horses4Homes Could Save Your Horse's Life

Using Horses4Homes Could Save Your Horse's Life

If you read the cases below of Loan home disasters arguably they could all have been prevented. Sadly these owners did not carry out the checks necessary on the potential new home for their horse before handing him or her over to the new carer and once handed over they did not stay in touch with their horse to make regular checks on their welfare. Re-homing a horse is a task not to be undertaken lightly, it should be done only when absolutely necessary, with considered thought of the type of person and home your horse requires.
To make rehoming worse, the recession has encouraged a growing number of unscrupulous horse people to play on the vulnerability and naivity of horse owners by purposely acquiring loan horses only to sell them on to other less knowledgeable horse enthusiasts or worse still to sell them for meat. As for horse owners giving horses away “free to a good home” once they have transferred ownership they have no control over the future of their horse so carrying out those checks is more vital than ever.
It is crucial when rehoming horses, whether that be “free to a good home” or loaning, that every step is taken to verify the integrity and intention of that potential new carer towards your horse. If these owners had used Horses4Homes I guarantee their horses would not have suffered. Unscrupulous people are deterred from our site as they would need to consent to CRB checks, provide references and their bank details all of which would be verified. Each Rehome is provided with a rehome agreement and new home inspection visits are offered by our welfare partners if owners are unable to inspect new homes themselves.
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