Veteran shines in new home.

Veteran shines in new home.

RalphRalph is now 22 and was rehomed a year ago to Miriam .
“We are doing great. Ralph is fabulous and has given me so much confidence, I couldn’t ask for a better pony. I have attached a picture of us at adult pony camp which we went to in July, he was so well behaved. He particularly enjoyed the gymkhana games (he forgot he was a veteran for an hour, and gave everyone a run for their money!) Putting all the other horses to shame with how good and well mannered he was especially during the dressage and hack out. He has also had my 4 year old niece ride him last week who has only ever sat on a pony a handful of times and he was perfect, she was very nervous at first especially when she lost her stirrup during her first ever trot on the lead rein, but Ralph felt her losing balance and getting nervous so he stopped and waited til she was ok. By the end of her ride she didn’t want to get off and gave him a big hug! I am so grateful to have him and he is well and truly one of the family”



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