"Your website has made a massive difference to my life."

"Your website has made a massive difference to my life."

Bonnie“Bonnie has now been with me since the 23rd June and things could not be better!  We have done lots of hacking out, both alone and in company and are really getting to know and trust each other.  She is fabulous to hack out – really forward going and good in traffic, with cows, sheep, etc and I feel like I’ve been riding her for years. She is so honest and gentle and I really can’t believe how attached I have become to her in a relatively short space of time.  I took her to a farm ride in Cheshire on Monday with two of my friends and their horses and we had a wonderful day riding the 7 miles which had optional jumps and we even popped a few of the little ones! Along with hacking and fun rides, I plan to do some schooling with her now she has settled into her new home and hope to do some ridden showing and dressage with her next year. I have been in regular contact with her owner Anna – who has been over to see her – and keep her updated of our developments.I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful horse and can’t believe I have another horse which is so perfect for me. Keep up the good work – your website has made a massive difference to my life!”



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